Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wild Mushrooms (Cendawan Busut)

We went back to Gamin again. One of the neighbours held a 'kenduri kesyukuran'.
After the 'kenduri' we went to rest at Uwan's house. So... there we found some wild mushrooms.

My side of family are not so much of mushroom lovers but being married to my other half, I'm introduced to quite a number of new edible stuffs or new recipes. Ain't I lucky? So there we were, plucking the mushrooms. Hubby had to run pipe water to soak the soil before we can pluck the mushrooms out. The 'pantang larang' is that we should never dig the mushroom out using any kind of metal or else the mushroom would never grow on the soil again.
US... in action...

Catch of the day...

MIL made 'gulai lemak' to go with the mushroom. Yummy... But as usual, we forget to snap the photo. Since my mother had never cooked any mushroom and I'm not an expert in using the 'santan' either. So... when I brought the cendawan back to Taman Melati, I decided I surf the web to find a simple recipe for it. I'm not exactly a good cook. The only reason I cook is that my mom is working late for these few weeks, my regular routines are usually limited to just chopping the onions, preparing the table and washing the dishes. Which is equally tiring!

Then... I found a recipe for 'Sup Cendawan Daun Kunyit'. This is how it looked like yesterday.

The ingredients for Sup Cendawan Daun Kunyit are:

1. Spring Onion - chopped
2. Garlic - chopped
3. Chilies - chopped
4. Anchovies
5. Daun Kunyit - saute with 1,2,3,4
6. Mushrooms - add after the soup boil and leave for 2 mins
7. Some water for the soup

Duh.... pretty simple huh? I LURVE SIMPLE... mcm iklan Digi pulak..

A proper yet another simple dish to go with this Mushroom soup is omelette. So again, I search for a new omelette recipe. Just to try a different style of making the omelette. My dad always mentioned about how no one can ever make as nice an omelette as my grandma. So... I thought this might be IT. It's an Indonesian recipe which is called 'Telur Dadar Pedes'.

The ingredients for Telur Dadar Pedes are:

1. 3 eggs - beaten
2. Spring Onion - chopped
3. Chilies - grind
4. 3 small onions - grind
5. 1 garlic - grind
6. 1 1/2 spoon flour
7. 2 table spoon of water.
These 2 recipes are not exactly something to be 'WOW' about. Nothing compared to MIL gulai lemak. But edible... and can be used if you are desperate like me. Hehe... So, if you have any ideas on how to improvise on it, your comments are very much welcomed. :)

Arif's Convocation

So... hubby and I became parents of the day... & this entry also serve the purpose of introducing my youngest brother to you guys (kot2 berkenan buat adik ipar). :-)

Venue: Medeka Hall, PWTC

Date & Time: Apr 20th 09, 2 pm

Arrived at home: 7 pm

The president's speech took soooo long.

Confferment of Degree was done as fast as they could accompanied by mostly fast beat musics. Just imagine, the feeling of excitement and suspense in merely anticipating the 1 second to claiming your so deserved scroll on the stage with thousands of others.

Finally, 'cotak' (what we 'fondly' called him during our childhood) obtained his Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management from MSU.

Photos with Dato Onn Jaafar, Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Dr Mahathir and Pak Lah (potraits).

Hubby and I (gamba poyo together2)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pertunangan Boboy & Arina

Kita mulakan dengan hantaran-hantaran yang cantik. Bahan-bahannya dibeli oleh Kak Long, Kak Sue & Asma. Gubahannya pula oleh Jie jie...

Kreatif kan... ;)

Kek ni plak... mcm bese la... Aunty J yg buat, very sweettttt

Jom kite tgk plak bakal pengantin bersiap

Fuyyo Macho la RAMBUT abg ni...

Hantaran da siap... bakal pengantil pon da kacak... ready to go!

Rombongan merisik & meminang sekaligus...

Sebelum perbincangan dimulakan... Tuan rumah telah menjemput kami menjamu selera dulu

Da makan... Boleh la start Majlis... Silakan masuk...

Anak dara mengait benang

Benanglah kapas benang dikanji

Tibalah masa majlis bertunang

Tanda sehati mengikat janji

Wakil dari pihak perempuan...

Batang cangkah akarnya mati

Batang pinang akarnya licin

Orang berkasih bertukar hati

Bila bertunang bertukar cincin

Acara menyarung cincin oleh bakal ibu mertua & bakal menantu...

Hantaran dari pihak perempuan...

Benanglah kapas benang dikanji

Dari benang menjadi kain

Tanda sehati mengikat janji

Nikah ditetap hari yang lain.

Bakal pengantin yg ayu & tampan bersama ibu masing-masing

Cameraman of the day & wifey yang serabut bersama dengan bakal pengantin...

Anak kala memanjat pinang

Nampak dari tanah Mekah

Masa ini kita bertunang

Sabar-sabarlah sebelum menikah

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Boboy's Pre Engagement

Nk update psl ni lame dah... but had been quite busy at work these past 2 weeks. Walaupon lambat tp bley la wat kenangan & untuk tatapan anak cucu sebagai sejarah. Cheewahhh...

Ni la die muke org yg nk bertunang tu. Encem tak abg ni? Tpkan abg die yg no 2 tu lg encem laaa. Ehemmm...

Specially made by Aunty J for the nite...

Kek yg comelllll...

Melepak2 sebelum perbincangan orang tua-tua. Istilah je ni tau... x tua lg...

Inilah dia.. mereka-mereka yang hadir. Meriah sungguh. Ade makan free lg.. Makan free mmg SYIOOKKK...

Amoiiiiii... x pandang lain dah mereka ber2 ni. Yum yummmmm

Perut pon da kenyang... br la semangat nk wat keje secretary. ;)

Sebagai penutup cerita... dipertontonkan gambar kembar siam lain tahun lain generasi...

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