Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Boss My Hero

Again, another Japanese drama review. This week, everyday after dinner, we rushed to our room to finish it of. Thinking about it, well... this can be one of the joys in life. Can we afford it if we are high income earners? Of course money is not the issue but what about time and energy where money can't buy? Haha.. alasan orang gaji ciput like me untuk sedapkan hati. Pasal tengok drama jepun je pandai-pandai buat conclusion macam ni. Well, kalau tak sedapkan hati sendiri, siapa lagi?

Ok.. back to business!!

This story is about 27 year old Sakaki Makio also known as "Tornado", the (young master) of Kanto Sharp Fang, a big Yakuza organization in Japan. Although die sangat kuat dan handal berlawan, hebat ok..., he's very dumb. He can't full write his own name, is extremely bad in math and can't think for more than 90 seconds.

Although the Yakuza boss, a.k.a daddy wanted Makio to take over his place, Makio screwed up a very huge business deal kerana kebangangannya. Daddy give him one last chance to prove himself, i.e. to go to high school and graduate. Otherwise instead of Makio, Mikio his brother shall be appointed as the next in line.

Spending a year in high school, Makio not only learnt the subjects but he also learnt about friendship, love and youth. Nk cerita lebih-lebih tak best la kan.

I love when he does this stupid face, trying to scare the teacher off nak elak kena jawab soalan. Lagi satu mimik muka yang bongok bile die buat muke berfikir/berangan. Ekeke..

I like Kazu's character too. Mcm puppy yang lovable & agak kasihan..

Conclusionnya, mmg suke sangat dengan Makky. He can be cute, macho, stupid, funny and sensitive all at the same time. Awwww sangat kelakian ok...


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Samurai High School

Still do not know how to work mama's sewing machine. Sighh... So my project is currently terbengkalai

So to redeem my frustrations, I watch Samurai High School with partner in crime. The drama is quite new, only broadcasted in Oct 2009. Japanese drama dvds are quite cheap compared to Koreans. I wonder... We bought it at Wangsawalk for only RM19.90. He doesn't like Korean movies, the reason being he doesn't like the sound of their language. Not me... I love Korean dramas.

So-so.. here goes the synopsis.

Kotaro is a 3rd year high school student. The classes are divided into Class A, B, C, D, E, F and he's from class F. So you can imagine. Also a goofball and unmanly just add to his unattractiveness package. But then, things happen which results Kotaro being possessed by the spirit of an ancient warrior who's believed to be his ancestor from 18 generations and coincidentally having the same name as Kotaro himself, Mochizuki Kotaro..

Found this drama hilarious (especially everytime he ties his hair when switching to samurai mode - sempat lagi tu!!) and thought that Kotaro is acting well, playing two characters which are so different from one another. Ajinomoto, suzuki, docomo..

Kawaiiii... (kene kecik2 je)

We watch this drama from noon till night. Of course we stopped here and there.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Make Your Bed

Are you the type of person who always have to make your bed? If you don't then will you feel dishevelled especially in the head?

I always have to make my bed when I was in the boarding school. I loathe that especially when the sheet was not a fitted one. But I've nothing against those who thrive on it. It's a good habit to make your bed but I don't like it. It doesn't bring me any satisfaction at all. To me it's just pillows and comforter on the bed, nothing else so why bother.

But.. not making our bed doesn't mean that I don't care about the cleanliness and orderliness of our room. Which includes folding our laundry and pile them up neatly in the wardrobe, clearing up the dressing table, side tables, and stuffs scattering on the carpets and getting rid of the dusts and my hairs which is everywhere. Perhaps it includes ironing his office attires for 2 weeks stock. Today is the day that I have to clean our room. He said he''ll do his own ironing this week. I should let him right? Right... good.

Honestly which bed looks more tempting.. seducing.. inviting.. ??

I know my cats' answers to that!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Projects

Where is this place? Guess if you can.. ;) Just a commercial
Bought this kekabu a few months back. Bought the cloth only last week.
Handsewn these mini pillows for WTA.. This poor old girl have got no sewing machine. :(
Next target are the pillow covers. Not sure if I can handsew them. Wait & see..
Learnt how to bake choc cake from mom. This is the result. She doesn't fully trust me yet. I guess we'll have to go for a few more rounds before she can.

One of the most fulfilling weekend ever. Must do stuffs like this again.
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