Friday, June 11, 2010

Celeb and Poor

Drama genre: Romance Comedy

Wealthy daughter of a hotel chain mogul (Alice Mitazano - famous fashion designer) meets poor widowed father of three (Sato Taro si lebai malang - doing one job after another, constantly being laid off).

Malas nak summarize lebih-lebih. I really like the theme song. It sounds happy & cute ... (my ringtone).

Sachiko Yasuda had a secret crush on Sato Taro. A temp worker at Alice's firm. She really got remarkable talent in fashion but being looked down by others except Alice.

Tsukasa Gotoda (Alice ex-boyfriend - previously a normal guy on the street, went off to America and desserted Alice, then came back to Japan a powerful business tycoon) seeking the hand of Alice upon his return but found that Alice already have a new bf who's also her chauffeur, Sato Taro (Sato Taro was paid by Alice to pose as her bf). Eventhough Gotoda is evil and not really that handsome, but I think he's kind of cool and macho (droolsss - cair la tgk Gotoda ni). Sayang.. kenapa la kau jahat!

Funny thing, I cried my heart out towards the end of the episodes which was actually such a waste. Haha.. bengong. Kene gelak jew..

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