Friday, June 11, 2010

Celeb and Poor

Drama genre: Romance Comedy

Wealthy daughter of a hotel chain mogul (Alice Mitazano - famous fashion designer) meets poor widowed father of three (Sato Taro si lebai malang - doing one job after another, constantly being laid off).

Malas nak summarize lebih-lebih. I really like the theme song. It sounds happy & cute ... (my ringtone).

Sachiko Yasuda had a secret crush on Sato Taro. A temp worker at Alice's firm. She really got remarkable talent in fashion but being looked down by others except Alice.

Tsukasa Gotoda (Alice ex-boyfriend - previously a normal guy on the street, went off to America and desserted Alice, then came back to Japan a powerful business tycoon) seeking the hand of Alice upon his return but found that Alice already have a new bf who's also her chauffeur, Sato Taro (Sato Taro was paid by Alice to pose as her bf). Eventhough Gotoda is evil and not really that handsome, but I think he's kind of cool and macho (droolsss - cair la tgk Gotoda ni). Sayang.. kenapa la kau jahat!

Funny thing, I cried my heart out towards the end of the episodes which was actually such a waste. Haha.. bengong. Kene gelak jew..


Emmelly Hanafi said...

huhu...japan time lak nih ek..

Farhana Abd Razak said...

Haha.. ntah la helmi x suke citer korea. Bile aku tgk citer jepun, baru aku pasan korea ni suke meleret ala2 Sepanyol..

fieza said...

wah! Thanks for the review! Barulah terasa nak tengok. Kalau tak, xsure nk beli ke tak... heheh

Farhana Abd Razak said...

np fieza. Haha.. xde kije lain mereview Jdorama.

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