Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nobuta wo produce

Lagi-lagi J-Dorama.. Otak beku for a few weeks. But at least I feel happy.

This drama had won many praise. Alamak.. baru perasan all 3 J-Doramas adalah cerita zaman sekolah. The Japanese agaknya suka buat cerita pasal budak sekolah. Or.. is it us yang perasan muda. The good thing is... lupa hal-hal di office bile tengok cerita pasal budak sekolah.

Kiritani Shuji is a very popular guy at school who gets along with everyone. Every morning before going to school, he made a pact to touch a willow tree near the harbor for luck. One day, Shuji was suprised to find that the willow tree was gone and there stood a freaky looking girl saying that she was planning to hang herself on the willow tree. Scary..

Kusano Akira, is one person that Shuji can't stand. He laughs funny, talks funny and acts funny. For unknown reason, he likes to follow Shuji around and that really annoys Shuji.

A new girl registered at the school and Alas! Shuji found that she was that freaky girl he saw the day his willow tree dissappeared. The freaky girl, Kotani Nobuko, is someone who has no self confidence at all and is content at being made fun of and bullied in school.

Together, Shuji and Akira join hands to "produce" Nobuko as the next popular girl.

Compared to the previous 2 J-Doramas, I find this story a bit slow. But still, it's a good story. Boleh layan jugak.


fieza said...

I liikkeee this J-Drama!!

Akira & Shuji fits together very well and they are sooooo cuuutteee!!

Farhana Abd Razak said...


Tak sangka Akira yang sangat pelik itu seorg yg berjiwa lembut & semangat setiakawan & Shuji pon even popular, is actually lonely inside.. Wahh feeling.

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